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Just back from San Antonio

Arrived in San Antonio last Tuesday (October 12), and was met by Virginia Walsh, librarian of Wilshire Elementary, and my hostess for this trip.  Was treated to a spicy Tex Mex dinner by Virginia and other district librarians, Susan Staffier, Sherry Phillipus, and Marisa Crippen.  What a great group of gals!  On Wednesday I began my round of school visits.  Went to Oak Grove Elementary and Northwood Elementary.  Then on to Wilshire Elementary and East Terrell Hills.  What a terrific group of kids.  Most of them are from the city, so I think they were fascinated by some of “old timey country ways” I talk about in That Book Woman. The district I visited always tries to get an author of a Texas Bluebonnet Book Award nominee to come talk to their kids, and so it was truly an honor to be a part of this tradition.  I got to see the poster of the Bluebonnet nominees, with my very own Book Woman included.  It just gave me such a thrill!

Virginia Walsh welcomes me to Wilshire Elementary

It was a long day of flying back to Kentucky, since I had to go through Detroit.  But there were no delays, and I was thrilled to get back home since I hadn’t seen the kids or husband in 4 days.  It’s been kind of a whirlwind few weeks, what with WEG and Books by the Banks, and the San Antonio trip.  Lucky for me, I’m home for a while.  So I’ll have some time to spend with my family, and I’ll also reflect a little on the whole WEG experience and do some posts on that.  The next big event will be the Kentucky Book Fair on November 13, in Frankfort, KY.  Will write more on that later as well.