Making the Run

published 2002

loner lu, crazy lu

All her life Lulu McClellan has heard the names. Growing up in a small Kentucky town, Lu has forever felt like she’s on the outside looking in. Maybe that’s why she takes pictures-to make sense of what she sees and feels but doesn’t always understand.

countdown to freedom

Now that graduation is almost here, Lu and her friend Ginny are moving in a quick blur of drugs and drink. Lu thinks she’s just marking time, waiting for the moment when life will begin for real.
end of innocence

But the road is full of unmarked twists and turns. Without warning, Lu free-falls into first love, white Ginny begins a deadly spiral into oblivion.

a startling portrait

In stark, poetic prose, Heather Henson writes about what it means to come to a crucial crossroads and find the courage to make a run for the unknown.

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