A Cabin of One’s Own


I am thrilled to say that I went on a much needed solitary writer’s retreat a couple of weeks ago!  A writing friend had recommended that I try the Sisters of Loretto Motherhouse in Nerinx, KY.  I did some emailing, and found out that I could stay at the Cedars of Peace retreat there.


Here is my cabin from the back.  It is called Joy.




The cabin had everything I needed:  a kitchen, a bed, a desk, a window with a view of the woods.  More than that, it offered complete quiet and solitude!



Here is my cabin from the front.

The cabin was perfect! The setting was perfect! I set up my desk…I sat and looked out the window…I wrote…I read….I walked in the woods…I wrote some more…I read some more.  I hardly spoke to another soul, except for the two lovely ladies who run both Cedars of Peace and Knobs Haven at the Motherhouse.  They just wanted to make sure I was settled in.  And yes, I was very settled in.  I hardly wanted to leave my little cabin.



Here’s the view from my desk…..

And here’s the kitchen….






Here are the stairs to the second floor….







And here is the peace labyrinth nearby…..

I spent four amazing days of total solitude and stillness.  It was exactly what I needed to help me get back into the novel I have been struggling with.  I had never been to the Loretto Motherhouse before, even though it is only an hour from my home.  It has a fascinating history — was founded in the early 1800’s.  There’s a quiet cemetery there dating back to the beginning.  There are trails to walk and a sculpture studio with sculptures by one of the resident nuns.  I can’t believe it was only an hour from my home, and yet it felt like I was in the middle of nowhere.

I can’t wait to return to the Cedars of Peace the next time I need a restful and inspiring break from the everyday.